Mary Dodge Allen

Award-Winning Author

Writing Fast-Paced Adventure with Humor and Heart

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I write mystery/suspense with historical elements – compelling stories about people trying to make sense of their lives in this uncertain world; people who are seeking answers, while finding their way through difficult life situations. My stories are fast-paced, with plenty of adventure, romance and humor. 

Five Star Review: Pages & Paws Book Review Blog

“Why Hunt for a Hometown Killer kept us up all night: Suspense, humor, rapier wit, and heaping helping of warmth and non-stop action enliven this delightful faith-flavored read. It’s packed with unexpected plot twists. The writing is top-notch, with characters and settings that virtually leap off the page and into your heart. We loved it!”

Hunt for a Hometown Killer Won Two Awards, 2022:
Christian Indie Award - First Place, Mystery/Suspense and Angel Award - Mystery/Suspense

While Roxy Silva is working her hometown mail route, a sinkhole opens up, nearly swallowing her mail truck. This sinkhole drains a deep pond and uncovers the damaged car used in her husband’s murder, years earlier. Determined to solve the cold hit and run case, Roxy turns amateur sleuth, using her amazing photographic memory to capture images of people, vehicles, license plates. Her relationship with handsome detective Kyle grows close as they uncover a shocking trail of deception and secrets. He is ready for a commitment, but Roxy is still struggling with grief and a deep-seated fear of loss. Kyle identifies a prime suspect, who then drops out of sight. When the killer takes Roxy captive, she must use her wits to survive.

Stay tuned for the Sequel: Hunt for a Hometown Kidnapper.

Roxy is reunited with the daughter she gave up for adoption as a baby 14 years earlier. As Roxy shares her family history with her daughter Dani, she finds old diaries tucked away with the photo albums –  written by her Grandpa Leo, (who was a B-17 bomber pilot, shot down over France during WWII) and by her Grandma Anna, who was working for the French Resistance. Before they can read the diaries together, Dani goes missing. They realized she has been kidnapped, and she doesn’t have the asthma medication she needs. Roxy’s faith is shaken. She has spent years praying to be reunited with her daughter. Will she lose her now? A frantic search begins, as the clock is ticking…