Mary Dodge Allen

For the past five years I have served as a Judge for the Florida Writers Association's Royal Palm Literary Award competition.
Writing fast-paced Adventure with Humor and Heart

Life is a journey and an adventure... 

I am a Florida writer who crafts mystery/suspense/romance stories filled with quirky characters, inspiration and humor. As my characters deal with challenges and trials, I hope to inspire and uplift my readers on their own life journeys. 

My new mystery/suspense book is available on Amazon, click on this link to purchase:
Hunt For A Hometown Killer: A Novel: Allen, Mary Dodge: 9781952369704: Books

Hunt for a Hometown Killer received a 5-star review from the Pages and Paws review blog:

Mail Carrier - as an Amateur Sleuth

Think about how much your mail carrier can learn about you... from your magazines, newsletters, the timing of greeting cards, and the return addresses on packages, bills and letters. 

My adventurous main character Roxy develops a romance with the town's handsome detective as she helps him solve murders by using her amazing photographic memory. She can recall the names/addresses on mail she delivers, vehicle plate numbers, etc. while observing people and activities in her small Florida town - where, it seems, many people are harboring secrets.

My story, Meant to Be: A Love Story of 70 Years, published in this anthology by OakTara, received a Royal Palm Literary Award, given by the Florida Writers Association.
My story, Will I Lose My Son?, published in this anthology by Freeman-Worthy, received a Royal Palm Literary Award, given by the Florida Writers Association.