Mary Dodge Allen


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Hi! Welcome to my website!

I've had a lifelong love of writing and reading, and I enjoy

writing stories about people dealing with the challenges and disappointments that are a part of life. My goal is to inspire and uplift readers, and to give them hope as they travel on their own faith journeys. My life Bible verse is at the bottom of every page on this site.

In Faith, Hope and Love,



My story entitled: Will I Lose My Son? is included in the devotional, “It’s a God Thing,” published by Freeman-Worthy in 2014. It is the story of my four-year-old son’s life-threatening kitchen burn, and how God’s comforting presence helped us through that ordeal.

In 2014 this story received a Royal Palm Literary Award, given by the Florida Writers Association.



My story entitled: Meant to Be: A Love Story of 70 Years was included in the anthology, “My Love to You Always,” published by OakTara in 2012. It was a privilege for me to share the story of the enduring love between my Aunt Dorie and Uncle Gordon, a love that lasted over 70 years and survived the separation of a world war, the painful loss of a son, and the ongoing health struggles of aging. Check out my Bio section to see their photos.

In 2014 this story received a Royal Palm Literary Award, given by the Florida Writers Association.

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I am currently working on two novels. One is a historical romance about two American families caught up in the struggles and sacrifices during World War II -- on the U.S. home front, in the ranks of the French Resistance, and in the midst of battles in Europe and the Pacific. I like to think of it as a combination of Gone with the Wind (a WWII version) and Saving Private Ryan – except that two of the main characters in the love triangle are pilots, and the Army Private has to find a way to save himself.



My second work in progress is a novel about a small group of 50-something women, former high school friends, who go on a comic and ill-fated canoe trip in the Boundary Waters wilderness of northern Minnesota. It is loosely based on my own canoe trip adventures.